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libearth.xml.compat.clrxmlreader — XML parser implementation for CLR

Python xml.sax parser implementation and ElementTree builder using CLR System.Xml.XmlReader.

libearth.compat.clrxmlreader.XMLNS_XMLNS = ''

(str) The reserved namespace URI for XML namespace.

class libearth.compat.clrxmlreader.IteratorStream(iterable)

System.IO.Stream implementation that takes a Python iterable and then transforms it into CLR stream.

Parameters:iterable (collections.Iterable) – a Python iterable to transform
class libearth.compat.clrxmlreader.TreeBuilder

ElementTree builder using System.Xml.XmlReader.

class libearth.compat.clrxmlreader.XmlReader

SAX PullReader implementation using CLR System.Xml.XmlReader.


Create a new XmlReader() parser instance.

Returns:a new parser instance
Return type:XmlReader
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